About Us

Like the bird, The Raven's Nest Pub and Restaurant in Walpole Center, is now one of the area’s truly unique places. It captures the mythical nature of our name with a rich old world feel yet a modern twist.

The Raven's Nest

In Irish mythology ravens were symbols of freedom and tran- scendence, having the power to soar up above the earth into the heavens, and return to bring messages from the gods. Although its reputation was sometimes dubious, the raven was considered an oracular bird, often representing the upsets and crises of life which were deemed necessary for anything new to be created. In lore today, the Raven is a symbol of prophecy and protection.

In May 2010, The Raven's Nest opened its doors and quickly took flight as a fresh new spin on the traditional Irish pub. The pub and restaurant is the creation of husband-and- wife team Mark McAuliffe, a native of County Cork, Ireland and Maura McAuliffe, a onetime Boston corporate lawyer turned restaurateur, and is the sister pub of The Mad Raven in Waltham, MA.

Stop in today to enjoy a drink and food with friends or to enjoy an appetizer at the bar within the brick walls, while sipping on your favorite beverage.